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Know Your Food 20/07/2020

Where it’s from, a bit about it, perhaps a fun fact and how to store or keep fresh

Magic Herbs’ Curry, Bay and Rosemary Leaves


We’ve added the fresh and fragrant flavours of Magic Herbs’ curry, rosemary and bay leaves to your box this week. While it’s widely known that curry leaves have their origin in India, a lesser known fact is that they belong to the family of citrus fruits. Despite its origins, curry leaves are a common feature in many South African homes. Rosemary’s burst of flavour can be attributed to its origin in the mint family. Rosemary’s lemon-pine flavours makes this herb the perfect seasoning for most meats and fishes. Look forward to its pairing with this week’s dorado fish. Lastly, what would our stews and rice dishes be without the delicate adornment of a bay leaf or two? Also classified as a herb, bay leaves are best used when they’re dried. Due to their minty-bitter taste, they are generally not eaten, but used in leaf or powder form to enhance the flavour on any meat stews and rice dishes. Keep your herbs wrapped ina damp cloth stored in an airtight container to keep them fresher for longer. 

Bergsroom’s Blood Oranges


The colourful blood oranges (also known as Cara Cara oranges) in your box this week are from Bergsroom. The blood orange’s reddish pink interior is said to be caused by the presence of lycopene, a plant nutrient with antioxidant properties (the same nutrient that gives tomatoes their red color). In addition to the colour – another noticeable difference in blood oranges, when compared to their orange counterparts, is the taste. The blood oranges are less acidic than their citrus cousins and have a sweet, "berry-like" flavour. Besides their flavour, good looks and nutrients, these fruits are also seedless, easy to peel and so make a great on-the-go snack.

The Larder Cafe’s Spiced Guava Chutney (125ml)


The Larder’s Spiced Guava Chutney in your box this week is the perfect condiment for any meal in need of a hint of spice. The word chutney comes from the Hindi/Urdu phrase "to lick" or "to eat with appetite". This finger-licking condiment is all-natural, contains guava seeds, cumin roasted garlic pieces and yes, is 100% vegan. Once opened, keep refrigerated. 

Atlas Trading’s Butter Chicken Spice


Your Butter Chicken Spice in this week’s box comes from Bo Kaap’s spice gem: Atlas Trading. The family run shop is the perfect spot for any Cape Malay, Indian or Thai inspired herbs and spices and the Spice in your box this week is a unique Atlas Trading creation. This spice is the ideal addition to any Chicken Makhani and Cape Malay Kerrie dish. *Pease note there is no chicken or meat products in this spice, it’s just called this as it is traditionally used for chicken. However it it mighty delicious used with tofu, paneer or cauliflower. Keep your spices tightly covered and store them in a cool, dry place. Ground spices typically have a 6-month shelf life.

Seed & Circus’ Granola


Seed & Circus is a fresh face in the food industry, serving up ethically sourced products from small-scale local suppliers. The granola in your box this week is rolled and baked with gluten-free ingredients and natural sweeteners (yes, honey). The olive oil used is organic, the honey is sourced from a local producer, and Oryx Desert Salt is thrown in the mix for your extra dose of minerals (from a sustainable and renewable desert salt producer) to seal the deal. 

Spinach King’s Spinach Bread


This week’s tasty spinach loaf comes from the ovens of ‘spinach innovator’ – Spinach King. Spinach King owner, Lufefe, explains that Spinach King was created to promote the consumption of spinach. Lufefe and his team have done this by producing innovative spinach products in the hopes to combat health challenges such as obesity and diabetes in his community. So, what can you expect in your box? Their spinach bread is baked using spinach sourced from local micro farms, tapioca and rice flour. So you can be assured that this tasty add is 100% gluten-free! *Cue Popeye’s theme song* 

The tofu Tub’s Tofu


The Tofu Tub’s firm tofu is a feature in your box this week! This versatile speciality is 100% organic and made from the curds of soybean milk, so is naturally rich in protein. The soybean milk is poured into molds to allow the carbohydrate-laden whey to drain off. The resultant soft cakes are cut into squares and stored under water until sold. Tofu is an important source of protein in the cuisines around the world. Once opened, store your tofu in the fridge and try to consume it within 3 to 5 days of opening. 

Real Food Factory’s Dried Lentils 


Dried lentils are one of the most popular sources of protein, dietary fibre, vitamin B, iron, and phosphorus in the world. This may be due to their inexpensive nature and long shelf-life (when dried, they can last up to a year). The organic brown lentils in your box come from Real Food Factory – a local, 100% vegetarian-friendly company. A best practice to follow when cooking your lentils, is to empty them into a colander, rinse them, and pick through them for any small stones or seeds that might have gotten into the mix. Soaking them overnight helps quicken their cooking time and reduces their antinutrient content. You can also easily sprout lentils in a jar, which increases the amount of vitamins and minerals – especially B vitamins and carotene. Lentils are also very low in calories, rich in iron and folate and an excellent source of protein. 

Schoon’s Country Loaf


In your box this week, you can expect SCHOON’s signature country loaf. At the heart of SCHOON is a desire to create true community – “We see ourselves as immensely privileged, because we get to collaborate with incredibly committed local artisans and farmers, using what they’ve produced to create food that we can then share with the people who choose to spend time in our spaces”, explains co-owner Fritz Schoon. The SCHOON loaf in your box this week can be frozen and enjoyed later. When you’re ready, defrost your loaf, spray it with some water (so it doesn’t dry out), pop it in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes, and enjoy your freshly baked loaf!

Herdsmen’s Lean Lamb Cubes


We have some wonderful lean leg and shoulder lamb cubes from Herdsmen! Their production follows a local and ethically reared process ensuring animals are treated with love and respect when reared. One of the Herdsmen’s farming arrears can be found in the Hantam district in the South Western part of the Northern Cape. Hantam is a Khoi name that means “Mountains where the bulb grows”. Another of their farming areas can be found in Klein Rooiberg, where ethical treatment is at the core of meat production. The cuts in your box this week can be enjoyed as soon as you’ve received them, or pop them in the freezer to allow them last longer. 

Son of a Butcher’s Deboned Chicken Pieces


Son of a Butcher’s tender deboned wing and thigh chicken pieces are a feature to look forward to in your box this week! Pasture-raised and free from hormones, you can rest assured that your chicken pieces are sourced from an ethical producer. Here are some handy pre-cooking tips to follow: once removed from its packaging, discard any residue liquids – then, rinse your chicken pieces and set them aside to air for 20 minutes. This process helps remove the cold edge, bringing it closer to room temperature – ensuring a smoother cooking process and tastier results. Tip 2: when removing your chicken from its packaging, don’t be alarmed if you pick up on a slightly egg-like, sulphuric smell. When vacuum-sealing the chicken, oxygen is removed from the packaging to preserve its quality. 

Greenfish’s Dorado Fish


The golden dorado fish in your box this week is a Greenfish catch! The name dorado comes from the Spanish word for “golden” and is a reference to this fish’s golden colour. Dorado are found all along the coast of southern Africa and are caught using Greenfish’s sustainable pole method – one hook, one line, one fish at a time. It has a mild and sweet taste and the texture is moderately firm making it a very popular fish to eat. When you get your fish, pop it in the fridge if you are going to eat it within two days, if you’d like to eat it a bit later pop it into the freezer. When you are about to cook it, remove the packaging and rinse it under cool water, pat it dry and keep it cool.

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Vintage India Rotis


Whole wheat flour, Oil, Water, Salt, Ghee

Cooking Instructions:

Heat in a med hot pan for about 1 minute per side.

Shelf life:

7 days if kept frozen.

Prashad's Rotis


Flour, water, salt, and sun flour oil

(Pure vegan) 

Cooking Instructions:

Heat in a med hot pan for about 1 minute per side.