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Know Your Food 25/06/2020

Get to know more about where your food came from and how to make them last longer and go further – they’re too good to go bad.



Freeze one of your breads for now. When you’re ready to eat and enjoy – defrost your loaf, spray it with some water (so it doesn’t dry out), pop it in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes and voilà! You've successfully stopped time.


~ Plant veg and large ~

The lettuces in your box this week hail from Terra Madre, just over the hill in Elgin. To keep your lettuce fresher for longer, make sure there is as little moisture on the leaves as possible – ideally, store it unwashed and wash it right before using them. Then, place in a sealable bag or container that has a few holes in it to aid with airflow. If your lettuce comes with a root still attached to it, pop it into a container with a little water for the root to dangle in – this will help keep it fresh and crisp for longer. When serving, wash it to get any sand off and then pat dry. This will allow for the leaves to absorb the dressing that you put on, and make them even tastier than they already are. 



Your turnips this week are from Naturally Organics, situated right on our doorstep in Philippi. Turnips with their leaves still on are a testament to how freshly harvested they are – but left on too long, they will turn the turnips soft. Chop off the tops and keep them like your salad leaves in the fridge for juicing, a salad or a stir fry – or simply toss them into the compost. Store the turnip bulbs in a paper bag in the veg crisper drawer of your fridge, although they are at their sweetest when eaten fresh. 



An exciting and very pretty addition this week are the purple Sugar Snap peas – these purple beauties, marbled with bright green, are wonderfully snappy and crunchy because of their rich water content. They have a fresh, grassy aroma and a sweet earthy flavour with nutty qualities. Refrigerate them (unwashed) and tightly wrapped in a plastic bag. They should keep for up to 5 days. You want to store your veggies unwashed because too much moisture can cause fruits and vegetables to go bad quickly – wait until you're ready to eat them before you wash them. 



Ciao Ciao has provided some wonderfully handmade fusilli pasta for your box this week. Ciao Ciao is based in Hout Bay, where the whole family has pitched in to keep their business alive while they’ve had to put all their staff on paid leave – only now are they slowly coming back to work. Born and bred Italian Antonio, owner of Ciao Ciao, brings the 100% Durum wheat flour all the way from the “Tavoliere delle Puglie”, an area of the Apulia Region in Italy – this is the true flour from which authentic Italian pasta is made.

Keep your pasta refrigerated as it is fresh pasta and once you have opened the plastic seal use within two days.  



The creamy, cloud-like cheese found in your box is the Cape’s most dreamy ricotta from Puglia Cheese – a local company that makes authentic handmade Italian cheeses. Ricotta, literally translating to ‘recooked’ in Italian, was traditionally made using leftover whey protein. These days, Ricotta is made directly from cows milk – giving it that extra creamy indulgence. This wonderfully soft, creamy cheese can be used to spruce up any meal of the day – whether you use it in your salad, pasta dish, or even in your dessert, this versatile cheese can do it all. Plus, it pairs wonderfully with light crisp white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc. Wine and cheese, anyone?

FIOR DI LATTE (125g ball)


Your Fior Di Latte Ball also hails from Puglia cheese. This delicious cheese is Italy's most recognisable and loved export – made from cow's milk, using vegetable rennet and ancient expertise. Then, it’s cooled in cold water and put in a brine bath for a period that varies according to the weight of the individual cheese. 



Your yoghurt comes from Gay’s Dairy, all the way over the mountain in the picturesque town of Prince Albert. All their products are natural and free of hormones or antibiotics – they guarantee the most natural product, from monitoring the natural grazing of their cows right through to the yoghurt making process. Please note that while their milk is unpasteurised, their yoghurt is pasteurised, so no need to worry about any nasty germs.



You’ll find some wonderfully lean and tender bresaola from Farmer Angus in your box this week. Farmer Angus is a widely loved farmer, known for his regenerative farming practices on Spier Farm, where his cows feed on grass and are raised in the pasture. All the beef is processed on site and is 100% free of growth hormones and routine antibiotics. Bresaola is air-dried, salted beef that has been aged for two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red – almost purple in colour. It has a sweet, musty smell and a rich flavour perfect for a light snack, a sandwich or very simple bresaola carpaccio salad with peppery rocket and charred mushroom.



Green Fish have supplied us with some yummy, game-y yellowtail fish this week. This small, family-run business draws on knowledge of fishing and weather patterns in the catching of their fish – and they catch only what’s green-listed on the SASSI list. Your yellowtail is caught locally by fishermen from Cape Town using the pole method – one hook, one line, one fish at a time. Yellowtail is a source of high-quality protein, and packed with amino acids and all the omegas. Before refrigerating your fish, wash in cold water and dry it with a clean cloth. Then, wrap the clean fish in waxed paper or tin foil and store it in the refrigerator. You can usually store a fish in the refrigerator for up to two days.



Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants are supplying their unadulterated beef mince that’s really something quite special. Ground beef, or “mince”, doesn’t really get the credit it deserves – too often, mince is simply leftover bits from a day at the butchery, chucked into a grinder – not a lot of thought, not a lot of love. At FFMM, they take as much pride in their ground, grass-fed beef, as they do with a ribeye. Their mince has about 20% fat and 80% meat, and they keep it nice and coarse. Your beef will come fresh – it’s best to dig in as soon as possible, otherwise freeze your meat if you’re not going to cook it within 2 days of receiving your box. It’s best stored and frozen in a covered, airtight container.

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**Customers have asked for ingredients to be listed. For companies that do not have ingredient labels, we can have a section in fresh tips for the ingredients. 



Oats, coconut, organic extra virgin olive oil, honey (or dates for our vegan version), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, buckwheat, sesame, chia), Oryx desert salt. Nothing Else!



The Aioli Napoletana is made with the finest local ingredients, including confit garlic, blood red tomatoes and fresh sweet basil. It is cooked for 5 hours on our stove tops and made with so much love. It can be used for a vast array of dishes, whether it’s a tossed into a beautiful pasta, used as the base of a shakshouka, on a pizza or dolloped onto roasted aubergines.

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, garlic, sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, raw cane sugar, red wine vinegar


Olive oil, Garlic , Italian tomatoes , Passata purée , Salt, Pepper and Sweet Basil