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Plant Based Box Recipes 23/07/2020


Join us at 6pm this Thursday (23 July) for a live UCOOK Along with The Larder’s Sonja Edridge.

Not only is Sonja an incredibly talented chef, but her love of food inspires all of her creative outlets – from styling and editing, to writing and creating – talk about a Jack (Jill?) of all trades. Sonja always dreamt of starting her own home-style cafe, where she could create food made with love – and then The Larder Cafe was born. She’s also developed a range of incredible preserves, like the delectable Spiced Guava Chutney in your box this week.

Sonja’s going to show us how to make a simple and delicious Butter Chicken Curry, which she’ll be guiding us through LIVE on Thursday – hello Curry Season! Tune in with a glass of whatever wine you have left, and let’s make some bleeping good food.

Sonja’s Butter Tofu Roti

Deliciously adorned with The Larder Spiced Guava Chutney – your winter curry dreams are about to come true.

  • Place a large saucepan over a medium heat with some oil. Slice your tofu into 2cm thick slabs. Pan-fry the tofu until golden on both sides. Remove from the pan and set aside. 
  • Prep the marinade. In a ziplock bag, or shallow baking dish, combine 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 tbsp of butter chicken spice, and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Slice up your tofu into bite-sized pieces and add to your marinade – stir through. If you have the time, marinate in the fridge overnight. If not, let it stand at room temperature while you prepare the sauce. 
  • For the sauce: Return the large saucepan to a medium heat with some oil. Add 1-2 chopped onions, and cook slowly until golden, reducing the heat if they’re getting crispy or browning too quickly. Add a dash of water to stop it browning, as and when is required. 
  • After about 5 minutes, add about 300-400g of peeled and diced sweet potato. Stir to coat, and cook for a further 15 minutes – stirring occasionally.
  • Then, add 2-4 cloves of coarsely chopped garlic and cook until fragrant, for about 1 minute. Stir in 2 tbsp of butter chicken spice and some curry leaves – cook for 1 minute.
  • Then, add 1 tin of cooked chopped tomato (from your pantry), and cook for 2 minutes. Then, add 150ml cream and carefully purée using a stick blender or food processor, letting any steam blow out the top.
  • Return the sauce to the saucepan – bring to a simmer. 
  • Remove your tofu from the marinade and add it to the sauce (with the rest of the marinade). Cover, and gently simmer over a medium-low heat for 3-5 minutes, until well combined and heated through. 
  • When nearing completion, stir in 2 tbsp of butter into your butter tofu curry – taste that goodness, and add more salt/curry spice/sweetener of choice and seasoning (to taste). 
  • Meanwhile, warm the rotis (one by one) in the frying pan until golden on both sides and heated through.
  • To make your salad: slice up some radish, and rinse and shred some baby spinach. Place in a bowl with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and some salt. 
  • Spoon a few spoons of The Larder Spiced Guava Chutney into the middle of each warm roti. Top with a few spoons of butter tofu curry, sprinkle with some freshly chopped herbs, top with some simple salad, and drizzle a little yoghurt. Roll it up, and don’t be afraid of getting messy while you dig in.


Browning the tofu first will add more flavour and texture to your curry.

Tropical Papaya & Banana Smoothie Bowl

Blended papaya, banana and citrus smoothie bowl topped with crunchy granola – you can pretend you’re in Bali with this one.

  • Peel, deseed and slice some papaya into chunks. 
  • Peel 2 bananas and cut into more chunks. 
  • Blend the fruit in a food processor with a dollop of yoghurt and a couple of ice cubes – get it nice and smooth. 
  • Add in a squeeze of citrus juice (lemon or orange) to taste. 
  • Pour into a bowl and scatter over some crunchy granola.


Papayas are rich in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. These all assist in decreasing the buildup of cholesterol in arteries and can help to reduce risk of heart-related diseases.

Granola with Caramelised Banana & Sweet Tahini Yoghurt

Caramelised banana with sweet tahini yoghurt, and some delectable granola – a.k.a. The best way to start your day.

  • Cut your bananas into bite-sized pieces. 
  • In a pan, melt a knob of butter with 1-2 tbsp of maple syrup/honey/sugar. Add your bananas – cook until caramelized. Remove the bananas from the pan when they’re lookin’ golden and delicious.
  • Add a tsp of tahini to the sweet pan juices – mix well until combined.
  • Pour the sweet tahini mixture into some yoghurt and mix well. 
  • Plate up your granola and top with the caramelised bananas and sweet tahini yoghurt.


For a more fragrant flavour, add some chopped herbs to the bananas while caramelising. 

Indian Breakfast Roti 

BasicBasically a roti-pizza! Spiced tomato relish, charred pepper, coconut yoghurt, herbs and red shallot – you’re welcome.

  • To make the relish: Chop some tomato into small chunks. Fry one diced onion in oil until soft. Add some grated ginger, garlic and butter chicken spice – cook for another minute. Add the chopped tomatoes – reduce the heat and let simmer for approximately 10-15 minutes until cooked down. Taste to test – add salt, pepper, a dash of vinegar and sweetener of choice. If you like a smooth pizza sauce, chuck it in a food processor.
  • In a pan, fry some sliced pepper until slightly charred, add some sliced red shallot in the last few minutes. 
  • Preheat the oven to 230°C. Place your rotis onto a baking tray and spread with the Indian tomato sauce. Top with your charred peppers, and bake until crispy. 
  • Garnish with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and chopped herbs.


Dollop with some of The Larder Spiced Guava Chutney for that sweet kick! 


Scrambled Tofu on Toast

No need to miss out on an old school breakfast fave when tofu’s here to help.

  • Roast some tomatoes in a hot oven with a splash of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper – until they start to blister. 
  • Fry off some diced onion until caramelised. Stir in a spice blend of your choice – turmeric will really make that tofu pop – and some grated garlic.
  • Roughly mash your tofu with a fork, also keeping some chunky pieces. Add to the caramelised onion, turn up the heat and fry for a further 5 minutes.
  • Lightly toast some bread slices until irresistibly delicious-looking.
  • Load up some toast with your tofu scramble, roasted cherry tomatoes – garnish with some parsley, and tuck in.


Tofu is a fab source of plant-based protein and contains all nine essential amino acids – a real bonus for a plant-based diet.   


Sliced Avo & Chutney on Toast

Spice up your life with this twist on the millennial favourite.

  • Thinly slice a peeled avo. Toast some sliced bread. 
  • Butter up the toast – smear on some of The Larder Spiced Guava Chutney.  
  • Layer your avo slices on top of the toast – garnish with some chopped herbs, a squeeze of lemon, and some salt and pepper.


Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium.



This week’s star of the Vegetable Show typically goes unnoticed, but we’re here to show you what she’s got. With an impressive vitamin C content, moderate levels of vitamin K and several B vitamins, we’re pretty sure this cream queen is going to knock your socks off. Culinary use of the cauliflower dates back two thousand years, and yet it remains on-trend – often used these days as a low-carb, gluten-free alternative to potato, rice or flour. 

You can also dress up your cauliflower queen in whatever you please: roast it whole, make a classic cauliflower-with-cheese-sauce, or turn it into steaks – yes, steaks! Whizz it up to make cauli-rice, or mash it up to use as, well, mash – even snack on it raw. This wonder veg is as versatile as veggies get – below are some ideas on how to make the most of your captivating cauli.

Spiced Cauliflower Dip

With roasted curried cauli florets – cauli dipped in cauli, caul-ception?

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C. 
  • Roughly chop some cauliflower – stems and the florets, reserving some florets for roasting. Heat some oil in a pan over a medium heat. Add some grated ginger, grated garlic, chopped chilli and some butter spice mix – cook, stirring, for 1-2 minutes until softened. Add your chopped cauliflower – cook, stirring, for a further minute or until coated. Add some stock and season – then, bring to a simmer. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes or until tender. Transfer to a food processor and whizz until smooth. Set your delicious dip aside – stick a finger in, nobody’s watching. 
  • Place the remaining cauli florets on a roasting tray with some curry leaves, coat in some oil and season with some butter chicken spice and salt. Roast for about 20 minutes, until golden and cooked through. 
  • Spread your dip on a serving platter. Scatter over your roasted cauliflower and curry leaves. Drizzle over some yogurt, and sprinkle with some chopped herbs.


Serve with a toasted roti, or simply as is. 

Plant-Based Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce 

Deliciously low-carb, naturally creamy, pasta sauce. 

  • Cut your cauliflower head into chunks. Place the cauli on a tray with some whole cloves of garlic (skins on) – coat in some oil and roast until golden and soft, for about 30 minutes. 
  • Place the cauliflower into a blender with some nutritional yeast, a knob of butter, your peeled garlic cloves, salt and pepper. Add a splash of water or veg stock, blend until smooth – season to taste on completion.


This will make an unforgettably creamy pasta sauce, or if made thicker (with less stock) could also be a great side or mash base.  

Quick Cauliflower Rice

A healthier take on an Indian staple.  

  • Blitz the cauliflower florets in a food processor until real fine and rice-like. 
  • Sauté in a large pan with oil or butter. Cover with a lid so that the cauliflower steams and becomes more tender, for approximately 5-8 minutes. 


You can jazz up this rice for different sides and cuisines: add desiccated coconut for Indian curries, garlic and rosemary for stews and one pot wonders, ginger and garlic for Asian stir-frys, chopped herbs and lemon zest for Mediterranean salads, and mixed spices (saffron, ground coriander, and cumin) for Moroccan sides. 

Crumbed Cauli Bites with Guava Yogurt Dipping Sauce

A perfect afternoon snack – and rather adventurous too.

  • Break the cauliflower head into florets.
  • Combine 125g of breadcrumbs with some Butter Chicken Spice. Heat some oil in a pot for deep frying (tssst).
  • Prepare a bowl of seasoned flour, a bowl of oat milk or vegan yogurt, and a bowl of spiced breadcrumbs. Dust the cauliflower florets lightly into your seasoned flour – then dip them into the beaten milk or yogurt. Finally, cover them in the breadcrumb mixture.
  • Fry them up in batches until golden – remove and set aside to drain on some paper towel. 
  • In a bowl, mix some coconut yogurt with guava chutney. Season to taste and add a squeeze of lemon juice (to taste). 
  • Serve your golden cauli bites with your tangy guava dipping sauce. Yum!


If you want a softer cauliflower nugget, you can steam and cool the cauliflower before coating it.  

Curried Cauliflower Soup

Indian-spiced cauliflower soup for the soul – to warm you up from the inside out.  

  • Place a large pot over a medium heat, with a drizzle of coconut oil (or any oil). When hot, fry 1 chopped onion until soft and lightly golden. Add some chopped garlic, and some Butter Chicken Spice (to taste). 
  • Sauté for 3-4 minutes until fragrant. Add in a whole head of broken up cauliflower florets, and enough veg stock to submerge the cauliflower. 
  • Bring to a simmer on a low heat for approximately 15 minutes until your cauli is tender. 
  • Blend until smooth – adding some coconut yogurt for that creamy touch. Season with lemon juice and salt. 
  • Garnish with some toasted coconut flakes and some freshly chopped herbs. Delish!


Rather add less curry spice mix to start, you can always add later after tasting.

The contents of this week’s boxes have been inspired by the cuisines of India – a widely known and loved cuisine bursting with flavour, colour and texture, just like the ingredients in front of you. Indian delicacies date back over 5000 years. Each region has its own traditions and cultures which influences its food – a common thread throughout is the distinct mixing of spices that gives Indian cuisine its unbeatable flavour and aroma. 

In your box, you’ll find an array of super special ingredients – from Atlas Trading’s Butter Chicken Curry Spice, to pasture-reared Son of a Butcher deboned chicken, Herdsman lamb, fresh dorado, The Larder’s Spiced Guava Chutney, Cream of the Crop’s soft, creamy handmade paneer, authentic rotis, and so much more.

There are countless combinations of deliciousness that can be created with these ingredients – we’ve selected a few favourite recipes to get you geared up for Indian night. We suggest creating a variety of smaller dishes, and using your rotis to scoop ‘em up – don’t forget the sambals, these are key! Oh, and remember that this kind of food can be eaten at any time of the day, and tomorrow’s leftovers will taste even better. 

Curry Toppings and Sambals

Here are some easy-to-make curry sambals to layer up a bowl of goodness.

  • TOMATO SALSA: Roughly chop some tomatoes, onion, and herbs. Place in a bowl with a dash of red or white wine vinegar (or a squeeze of lemon juice), some salt, and a sweetener of choice. Stir to combine.
  • GUAVA RAITA: Mix some yogurt with The Larder’s Spiced Guava Chutney until the balance is right for you. Season further to taste. 
  • SLICED BANANA: Simply slice it up, squeeze over some lemon juice, and add a sprinkle of salt. 
  • COCONUT FLAKES: In a dry pan, toast some desiccated coconut, or coconut shards until lightly golden. Remove from the pan and sprinkle over the banana once cooled.


Sambals are key to the ultimate curry experience. The more the better!

Lentil Dahl-icious 

Red pepper, lentil and spinach dahl – a classic and an Indian favourite. 

  • Peel and grate about 30g of ginger. Peel and grate 2 cloves of garlic. Roughly chop 1 onion. Slice up 1 pepper. Place all into a pot with some oil – fry until soft and lightly golden. Rinse and add about 1 cup of brown lentils with some Butter Chicken Spice (about 15ml or to taste). Stir until fragrant. 
  • Add 250ml water and bring to a simmer. Pop on the lid and cook until the lentils are soft, adding more water as required. 
  • Toast some nuts in a pan until golden – we recommend cashews, but let's not be fussy. 
  • Rinse some baby spinach. Once the lentils are cooked, add the spinach and half a tin of coconut cream – stir to wilt. Season to taste, adding more curry paste as required and a sweetener of choice. 
  • Dish up your lentil and spinach dahl with some rice, sambals, and a golden toasted roti if you wish. 


Lentils are not only high in fibre and protein, but also the essential mineral, iron. Iron is a major part of the RBC, which carry oxygen around the body, crucial for physical performance, mental focus and clarity.

Spiced Cauli & Paneer Roti with Guava Raita & Tomato Sambal

Roasted spiced cauliflower, fresh baby spinach, guava chutney raita and tomato, herb and onion sambal – all wrapped up in a golden roti. 

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C. Place your cauliflower florets onto a baking tray, coat in oil – season with some butter chicken spice mix and salt. Roast for approximately 20-25 minutes, until cooked through and golden. 
  • Tomato sambal: Dice some tomato and onion, finely chop some herbs. Mix together with a dash of red/white wine vinegar and season to taste. 
  • Raita: Mix some yoghurt with The Larder’s Spiced Guava Chutney and a squeeze of lemon juice. Season to taste. 
  • In a pan, with a drizzle of oil, over low-medium heat, fry some paneer cheese for 2-3 minutes, shifting it until golden all over. Gently remove it from the pan.
  • In a separate pan, dry-fry each roti on both sides, until heated through and golden.
  • To build your wrap: layer up some baby spinach, tomato sambal, spiced cauliflower and fried paneer – then drizzle over the guava raita. Roll up and tuck in!


Guavas are one of the richest sources of vitamin C – about 4 times more than an orange.

Indian-Spiced Butternut with Papaya Salad

Spiced golden roasted butternut, papaya salad, and guava dressing.

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C. 
  • Peel and roughly chop some butternut and/or sweet potato. Place it on a baking tray – toss in some oil, salt, butter chicken spice mix. Add in some chopped herbs of choice and whole garlic cloves (skin on). Roast until soft and golden, about 30-40 minutes. 
  • Peel, deseed and dice up some papaya. Place it in a bowl with some chopped herbs, salt, a squeeze of lemon juice, sliced red shallot (the green part will be better here) and grated ginger. Toss to coat. 
  • Combine some guava chutney with some yogurt. Add in the soft garlic flesh from the oven tray (discard the garlic skins). Mash together, and season further to taste 
  • Rinse and shred some baby spinach – throw it through the papaya salad. 
  • Dish up your tasty layers – golden spiced butternut, papaya salad, and a drizzle of your guava spiced yogurt. Yum!


For an added crunch, you could sprinkle over some toasted coconut shaving, seeds or nuts. 

Mixed Veggie & Lentil Curry

Packed with nutrition, and full of flavour – the perfect winter comfort food. 

  • Place a pot over a medium heat with some oil. When hot, fry some diced onion for 3-5 minutes until soft and translucent. Add 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, some peeled and cubed butternut or sweet potato, diced carrot, lentils, and your favourite indian spices – butter chicken spice, or Rogan Josh – whatever you are keen on.
  • Stir through the onions for 2-3 minutes until fragrant. Add in some tinned cooked chopped tomatoes and 100ml of water – bring to the boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat. Simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the lentils and veggies are cooked. If the sauce is reducing too quickly, add some more water. 
  • In the final few minutes, add some baby spinach and season the curry to taste. 
  • For a creamy layer, you could stir in some coconut cream or yogurt. 
  • Heat up your roti in a dry pan over a medium heat, until golden on both sides and heated through. 
  • Serve with rice and sambals. 


The sweet potato/butternut not only adds nourishment to your curry, but also acts as a natural sweetener. 

Palak Tofu

Palak tofu curry is a thick curry made from spinach and aromatics, and pieces of pan-fried tofu.

  • Bring a large pot of water to boil (enough to fit your spinach) – if you don't have such a thing, you can perform this in batches. Wash and roughly chop about 400g spinach. When the water in your large pot is boiling, add the spinach (in batches, if required) and cook until wilted, about 2 minutes – not too long as it may go brown. Remove it from the water with a slotted spoon and place it in a bowl. 
  • Peel and dice 1 onion, peel and grate a knob of ginger, peel and slice 2-3 garlic cloves and deseed and slice chilli. 
  • Place a drizzle of cooking oil into a large pot over a low heat. Fry the onion, stirring often, for about 3-5 minutes until softened. Add the ginger, garlic, chilli (to your heat preference), and some butter chicken spice mix. If you want to make your own spice mix – combine turmeric, garam masala, coriander and cumin. Fry for another 2-3 minutes on a low-medium heat until fragrant. Stir quite frequently. 
  • Add your wilted spinach and about 300ml vegetable stock, turn up the heat slightly and cook for a further 2-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir through 120ml of coconut yogurt – season to taste with more chilli, salt and pepper. Use a hand blender (ideally) to blend the curry (with all the liquid in the pan) until semi-smooth. Should you need to extend the sauce, add a drizzle of water until you reach your desired consistency – should you need to reduce it slightly, place it back on the heat for a few more minutes. We recommend a "saucy hummus" consistency. 
  • Place a frying pan over a medium heat. Add a drizzle of cooking oil. Slice the tofu into 1cm thick slices. Once the pan is hot, add the tofu slices. You’re looking to achieve an even, golden crust on both sides of the tofu slices (about 2 minutes per side). Remove from the pan on completion and place on kitchen paper to catch any excess oil. Chop the cooked tofu into bite-sized pieces and add them to the spinach curry.
  • Season further to taste and serve steamin’ hot. 


Serve with fluffy cuminc (jeera) basmati rice, or buttery rotis. Garnish with roasted cashews for some extra crunch.

Lentil Fritters with Tahini Dressing 

These crispy lentil fritters are perfect with a simple side salad – no fuss, all the flavour.

  • Chop up one onion, place it in a pan with some oil – fry until lightly golden. Slice up 2-3 carrots and add them to the pan. Stir through and cook for a few minutes, until slightly softened. 
  • Meanwhile, place 1 cup of lentils in a pot, submerge with water and simmer until tender. Drain. 
  • Preheat the oven to 200°C. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • To a food processor, add: the onions, carrots, cooked lentils, ½ cup of the rolled oats, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp olive oil. Season with paprika, cumin, salt and black pepper (or some butter chicken spice mix). Pulse 15-20 times, or until the mixture is chunky and all ingredients are well incorporated – stopping to scrape down the sides halfway through pulsing.
  • Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl, and add a further ½ cup rolled oats, and some chopped up herbs. Use a spoon to mix well, ensuring all ingredients are evenly dispersed. The mixture should be damp but able to hold its shape – if not, add more oats.
  • Shape into patties – lay them out on the baking sheet. Bake for about 25 minutes, or until golden-brown.
  • Remove from the oven and cool for a few minutes on the pan before moving – they’ll continue to firm up as they cool.
  • Make your flavoured yogurt dressing by combining some yogurt with tahini, fresh chopped herbs, a squeeze of lemon, your sweetener of choice, and salt. Season further to taste. 
  • Serve up the patties with a simple side salad, drizzle with the tahini yogurt dressing and enjoy!


Lentils are a powerhouse of macro- and micro-nutrients: a perfect plant-based protein source! They are high in protein, as well as fibre and iron.

Charred Zesty Broccoli with Spiced Butter Sauce

Charred, roasted zesty broccoli with a spiced pan butter sauce.

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C
  • Break up the broccoli into florets, halve the florets lengthways. Place them on a roasting tray, coat in some oil, and season. Add some whole garlic cloves to the tray (skins on). Roast until cooked through and charred, about 20-25 minutes.  
  • Place some vegan butter in a pan over a medium heat and add some butter chicken spice mix. 
  • Take the softened garlic out of the peels, place it in a bowl and mash it up with some fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and seasoning. Add the spied butter, and toss the broccoli through this tasty dressing. 
  • Dish up as a nourishing flavoursome side!


Broccoli is very high in vitamin C – even more so than oranges! Vitamin C supports the immune system and assists the body's responses that fight foreign pathogens.

Veg Stock (With All You Got)

The ultimate solution to avoiding waste in the kitchen – everything must go! Having your own homemade stock on hand takes the taste and nutritional value of meals to another level.  

  • Collect peels and ends from all your veggies. You can do this over a few days – just chuck the scraps into the fridge to keep until you’re ready to make your stock. Scavenge for any veggies or greens that may have become a bit sad in the fridge (spinach, green beans, radishes). 
  • Place everything in a large, deep pot.
  • Add some hardy herbs – thyme/rosemary/bay leaves are all great. Add an inch of ginger, half an onion (roughly chopped), 3 cloves of garlic (peeled) and salt (to taste).
  • If you don’t think you’ve collected quite enough scraps, add a couple of carrots to bulk it up.
  • Cover the contents with water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer (covered) for 1 hour.
  • Turn off the heat. Using tongs or a slotted spoon, remove the larger solids. Then, strain through a fine mesh sieve to separate and reserve the liquid.
  • Store your liquid stock in an airtight jar in the fridge for up to a week – or freeze in small portions for later use.


Be sure to use clean vegetables and scraps – dirty, gritty broth is not lekker – and if it’s moldy, you probably don’t want it in your broth.

Roasted Butternut with Herby Yoghurt

A super simple way to hero a humble ingredient. 

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut your butternut into half moons. Coat in oil and season with spices of your choice (sumac and butternut are a match made in heaven). Roast for 30-40 minutes, until soft and golden. 
  • In a bowl, combine some yoghurt with lemon juice and zest, olive oil, chopped herbs, and seasoning. 
  • To serve – layer the roasted butternut, drizzle over the herby yoghurt and spiced guava chutney, and crumble over some Seed & Circus granola. Delish!


Butternut is full of beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, which your body converts to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a powerful immune booster, free-radical fighter and eye-sight improver.

Golden Tofu Toastie with Guava Chutney, Pickled Radish & Avo

The most delectable toastie EVER!

  • Place a pan over a medium heat with some oil. Slice your tofu into 1cm thick slabs. Pan-fry the tofu for a few minutes per side until golden – you want the outside to be nice and crispy. Season the tofu with salt and pepper while it cooks. Set aside on some kitchen towel. 
  • Thinly slice up some radish and red shallot. Heat up a bit of vinegar with your sweetener of choice – taste to test. Then, add the sliced radish and set aside to pickle. 
  • Place some avo in a bowl with some lemon juice, fresh herbs, a drizzle of olive oil, and some salt. Mash together. 
  • Slice up some bread for your toastie. 
  • Return the pan over a medium-high heat. Butter the bread on both sides (because, butter is life). Layer with some smashed avo, pickled radish and a smear of guava chutney. Top with some golden tofu, close up the sarmie and toast on the pan for about 2-3 minutes per side, until the bread is crunchy and golden. Slice it in half and admire its good looks – for however many seconds you can stand to wait before tucking in..


Serve with a simple side salad, or some roasted sweet potato wedges, or both :-)

Quick Apple Crumble

A simple and delicious apple crumble that’s ready in just 40 minutes.

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut the apples into chunks and chuck the cores into the compost. Toss through some lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon, and sugar of your choice (coconut sugar/castor sugar/brown sugar).
  • For the crumble, combine oats with some butter. Add some chopped nuts of your choice, if you fancy. Use your fingers to evenly coat the oats and nuts in butter. Add a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of sugar and further pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice. Add raisins, almonds, pecans (always optional – the choice is yours).
  • Place the apples in a baking tray, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and evenly top with the crumble. Return to the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes until the crumble is golden. If it needs to brown a little longer, that will just mean that it tastes better, so go for it.
  • Enjoy for brekkie or dessert! Works as a main course as well (nobody’s judging).


Oats and apples are packed with so much fibre – whoever thought they could taste this good too? 

Vegan Lemon Yoghurt Bundt Cake

Afternoon tea never looked so good with this elegant, vegan, lemon-yoghurt bundt cake by its side.  

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • In a bowl, sift the dry ingredients: 3 cups of cake flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, ½ tsp salt, 3 tbsp corn flour.
  • In another bowl, mix the wet ingredients: ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest of 2 lemons, 1 cup sugar, 2 tsp vanilla essence, 1 cup vegetable oil, 2 cups of yoghurt. 
  • Pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredient bowl in three batches, mixing thoroughly with a spatula after each addition – making sure the sides and bottom are all incorporated. 
  • Prepare your bundt cake tin or a regular cake tin by spraying it with spray and cook. Pour in the cake mixture – bake for 50-60 minutes (the test to see if it is cooked, is to insert a toothpick or skewer into the cake and see if it comes out clean). Rest the tin on a rack for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, remove the cake from the tin by running a knife gently around the edges. 
  • Make the glaze by combining ¾ cup of icing sugar with ⅓ cup of lemon juice in a bowl and mixing well. 
  • Once the cake is cooled, drizzle the glaze over the top of the cake. 


Serve with a cup of tea or coffee for a perfect afternoon treat.