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Angus Farm Eggs Has Gotten A Facelift: Hello New Owners!

Want to own a farm? Call up Farmer Angus and see if he’s still looking for new additions to his hardworking farming family. Farmer Angus has recently announced the transferring of approximately 90% of his egg farming business to the members of his staff – now that’s an eggcellent way to celebrate over a decade of being in the egg farming business. 

Angus McIntosh, affectionately known as Farmer Angus, does not only see this as a “thank you” for all the hard work and passion brought to the Angus Farm by his staff, but also as the ushering in of a new era of black-owned regenerative farming businesses in South Africa.

So, what can you expect from this major change? Well, they’re still the same brand (the Farmer Angus brand), with the same offerings (nutrient dense, ethically-farmed eggs) and sustainable farming practices – with regenerative farming at its production core. 

The brand will however be welcoming a new logo and reprinting the egg boxes with the direction of the new look – because who doesn’t love a good makeover?  

So who are the new shareholders and directors? 

Meet the Directors:

Mawethu (from Accounts)

Thabani (from Packaging)

Thobelani (from Deliveries)

Rico (from Maintenance)

Mbhekiseni (from Irrigation)

Menzi (from Production)

Meet the Shareholders:



We are proud to support local-farmers who not only farm their produce ethically, but also champion the betterment of their local communities.