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Boemboe Foods - A plant-based taste sensation

Boemboe Foods is a Tempeh maker based in Hermanus that’s been producing the essential Indonesian staple food since 2018. Julia and Malan are the founders and they make, pack, and deliver all of their products themselves. The pair does everything, “from cleaning the beans to writing best before dates,” says Malan. Julia’s Indonesian roots and a lack of Tempeh in South Africa initially compelled the two to start their business but supportive feedback and a growing pool of customers have allowed it to grow beyond expectations. “We’re a family business and plan to keep it that way. We’re proud to be making Tempeh that everyone is enjoying and thankful to be able to do what we love as a profession,” Malan says. “We’d love to expand to growing our own organic produce that we then turn into Tempeh but until then we leave it to the capable South African farmers to supply us with top quality beans.”

The beans themselves are an important aspect of Tempeh. Boemboe Foods produces and supplies UCOOK with the different varieties: Non-GMO Soybean Tempeh, Black Bean Tempeh and Chickpea Tempeh. “Tempeh is traditionally only made from soybeans,” Malan tells us. “We have three varieties, making it easier for people with dietary restrictions to enjoy it.” All of the soybeans used are locally sourced and oh so delicious. Tempeh is a versatile food, it can be used as a meat substitute or enjoyed on its own, as a snack. Malan explains: “An easy way to think of Tempeh is as a condensed cake with a mushroom-y and nutty flavour.” Everything from Boemboe Foods is handmade and unpasteurised, the product of this pair’s passion for Tempeh.