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Breaking the Ice with The Larder Cafés Sonja Edridge

Sonja Edridge is not only an incredible chef but is also the owner of Claremont based popular brunch spot The Larder Café. Add renowned food stylist (think the UK’s Sainsbury’s), food writer, recipe developer and officially our #WomanCrushWednesday to her list of accolades. 

If Sonja’s MasterClass-worthy resume doesn’t have you going “How do I Sonja too?”, these fun facts about her just might do the trick: 

1. Sonja holds a qualification in Food and Wine from London’s Leith's School of Food & Wine, where she graduated with distinction. 

2. She’s worked as a private chef for celebrities like Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis, Dustin Hoffman and Terry Gillingham. 

3. Her business ‘The Larder Café’ was voted one of The Best Brunch Spots in Cape Town by The Inside Guide. #businessgoals

4. She’s also developed a range of incredible jams and chutneys, like the delectable Spiced Guava Chutney in your Market Box this week. Her preserves are known for their whimsical twists on traditional flavours.

5. Her jams are made seasonally with less sugar, about 20% less than other commercial brands, using traditional methods and real fruits (no mass production). 

6. Sonja sources only free-range produce from carefully hand picked small local producers. Because local is lekker!

7. The coffee cups and lids used at her café are made and printed locally, and are compostable and biodegradable. As she believes in reducing our footprint wherever possible. 

8. Her blog pieces on all things food can be found on her website:

9. She’s a UCOOK Along hostess! 

We’re excited to have Sonja host a UCOOK Along LIVE, this Thursday (23 July) at 6PM. Tune in to the Instagram channel with a glass of whatever wine you have left. 


                             Spiced Guava Chutney