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Brew Kombucha – As healthy for you as it is for the planet

We are delighted to introduce Brew Kombucha  to the Market Box! Brew Kombucha is a female-run business and South Africa’s first certified organic kombucha brand. Alex Glenday founded the business in 2015 and has recently been joined by Jemma – they head up a small team of 8 people and their brewery is located in Montebello Design Centre. 

The probiotic kombucha vinegar in your box is not only a healthy sweet vinegar, it’s also healthy for the planet. Brew has always and will always put the environment at the forefront of its philosophy. They believe that running an ethical business means being responsible at all points of the process – Alex observes, “It’s easier to make decisions with such a strong ethos, but sometimes the route is harder.” However they are committed, and she assures, “It’s a journey we are willing to take!”. 

You can taste their heartfelt and true commitment in the quality of their kombucha products. Brew were were placed in the finals at the 2019 World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany for their CSR and corporate sustainability initiatives, and have been recognised for their efforts and exceptional products all over. They have evaluated their responsibility at every point of their journey – from their suppliers, packaging, their people, to the quality of their product and their social responsibility towards the environment they live in. 

Brew’s suppliers are carefully chosen by measuring each supplier on an ethics scale, especially when they aren’t local – because Brew’s ingredients are certified organic, they are not able to source everything locally. They source their Rooibos from the Cederberg mountains, tea from a Sri Lankan carbon-neutral farm that uplifts local communities, cut green sugar from Brazil where jungle wildlife live amongst the sugarcane, and indigenous medicinals from South Africa. They, however, do have plans to be more actively involved in the journey towards organic and regenerative farming within South Africa which will enable them to source more of their ingredients closer to home.

Brew treads lightly in all walks of their business – of the little waste that they produce, they compost, recycle and reuse 98% of it. 100% of their product packaging is recyclable and 99% of their delivery packaging is single-use plastic free. Their goal is to constantly research and develop better sustainable solutions that reach beyond their own business. Because their brewery has been built over one of the spring water aquifers that are sourced from beautiful Table Mountain, they are very aware of their responsibility to care for this natural resource. Brew’s wastewater is minimal and contains no toxins, and their careful manufacturing processes mean that 90% of their processing water can either be reused in the brewery or donated to their neighbouring businesses. They use products from nature that have been lab-tested to sanitize their brewery, which means no harsh chemicals go back into the water table and any excess wastewater is safe to use to water their employee vegetable garden. 

At the centre of Brew’s success is their epic team, who Alex says “we love and care for”. They invest in their employees by focusing on upskilling their staff and asking them to speak out about how they would like to develop in the workspace. “We hope to stimulate a positive energy team culture and grow organically like the layers of a SCOBY”. 

Furthermore they encourage an amazing team culture by giving back to organizations that care for people and the environment. Brew is involved with various organisations in South Africa – such as Greenpop, Surfpop, The Beach Co-op and B-Wild – that champion the environment. Brew aims to support them further as their business grows. 

Brew started off making unique Rooibos Kombucha, but has since started to expand their offering to include weird and wonderful things like the Kombucha Vinegar in your box this week. They use a carefully crafted slow and raw fermentation process – using premium ingredients to make a premium product. Alex says “We know immune support is foremost in everyone’s minds – we have been so happy to supply a product that can support gut health, which will improve the immune system.” 

The Kombucha Vinegar in your box this week is great taken as a shot, or mixed with olive oil for a light and nutritious salad dressing – drizzle away! 

Join Alex and Karla from Seed & Circus, this Saturday at 12pm, to cook along with them in the kitchen, while they talk about good food and show you how to make a delicious roasted salad from all the ingredients in your box – note: they’ve used slightly different roasted veg than what’s in your box, but don’t fret! What you have is just fine, if not better. Be sure to pencil this UCOOK Along in, and keep the following ingredients available until then so you can follow along and make the salad while watching: ⁠


Romanesco Broccoli 

Olive Oil

Salad Leaves


Brew Kombucha Vinegar

Red Onion


Seed & Circus Seed Sprinkle


                                Kombucha Vinegar