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Burger Nights with Léo’s Little Jars : Recipe Highlights

Le petite jar of jam in your Market Box this week is from Léo’s Little Jars – a Cape Town based confectionery that uses only the best in seasonal and local produce to make colourful, limited edition, sweet and savoury jams. 

Founder Léo, relies on her grandmother’s traditional French recipes to create a burst of unique flavours and, as you’ll see in this week’s UCOOK Along (Thursday 6pm on the @ucook.market Instagram channel), Léo blends her French flare with traditional, local and international flavours to create truly unique and diverse culinary experiences.

On this week’s live UCOOK Along, Léo will be making burgers and fries using her homemade Tomato & Chilli Jam. This savoury jam is in this week’s Market Box of #goodproduce and, as Léo so perfectly describes, this little jar is “full of love, [and] is created to make you (and anything cheesy) feel wonderful.” 

Ready for a sneak peek into all the delish goodness you can expect on Thursday’s burger night with Léo? Here’s a personal note from the Chef herself:


Bonsoir/Bonjour UCOOK-ers! 

What is that I hear? Your Market Box has arrived AND oh oh, it seems we are getting a little dirty together again with a new burger recipe! As hot and sweet as my tomato and chilli jam. 

A little chopping, stirring, grilling and toasting, a lot of love and POUF! You’ll get that magic burger you’ve been dreaming of.

Allez allez, join me live Thursday at 6pm for my UCOOK Along! 

Fair warning, you are spending the evening with a Frenchie so expect all the classic clichés: French fries, wine and good old French tunes. Oui oui!

Let’s make some burgers! 

The French Stack

Burger buns 

Salad leaves 

Your Patty: Mince + onion + parsley + spices

Raclette cheese 

And of course, your jar of Tomato & Chilli jam  


Start by preparing the fries, oops, sorry, the French fries.

Wash your potatoes and cut them into thin sticks. 

Toss them in a bowl with a bit of olive oil and salt. Then, spread them in baking sheets and into the oven, preheated 200°C. Bake for about 20 minutes, then flip and cook until the other side is nice and crispy, about 10 minutes.


Put your delicious Franky Fenner mince in a bowl with finely chopped onions and parsley. Season with salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder and paprika. It will go nicely with the tomato & chilli jam.

Pat it down (I just realize why this is called a patty), and grill it for 5 minutes. Flip it and add your Raclette cheese on top – leave it until the cheese starts to melt.

Now would be a good time to sip on whatever wine you have left and do a little melted cheese dance – yes, it is a thing in France.


Toss your burger buns in the oven for a sec. 

You’re ready to build your burger!

Open your jar of Léo’s Little Jars Tomato & Chilli Jam. 

Spread a tablespoon of Tomato & Chilli Jam on your bun. 

Place your patty, covered in melty raclette, on top. 

Toss a salad leaf to add a bit of crispiness.

Feel free to add some avo there for some freshness. 

Finish off with a little more Tomato & Chilli Jam. 

Close your bun. 

Serve with your frites. 

Bon appétit les petits. And remember, spread jam not Covid. 

With love, 


Bien venue to the Market Box family, Léo! We are thrilled to have Léo’s little jars of goodness as a part of your Market Box. Don’t miss Léo’s live UCOOK Along on the @ucook.market Instagram channel this Thursday at 6pm as she recreates the above recipe with you.


                     Leo's Tomato Chilli Jam