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El Burro Mercado - The city’s most-loved Mexican favourites

El Burro is something of a Cape Town institution, having offered authentic Mexican cuisine at its Green Point venue for over a decade. El Burro Mercado is an extension of the El Burro legacy, offering some of the famous flavours of the restaurant for you to enjoy at home. 

They’ve placed a special focus on high-quality corn tortillas, used to make nachos and tacos, for their restaurants as well as for wholesale and retail. El Burro Mercado uses locally sourced and often homegrown ingredients, such as Certified Organic Corn, carefully prepared and turned into tortillas, tortilla chips, dried and pickled chillis, hot sauces, and salsa, all of which they provide to UCOOK meal kits . 

Sascha Berolsky, one of the founders of El Burro, offered this helpful tortilla tip: “When preparing corn tortillas, always keep them wrapped in a tea towel to keep them warm and from drying out. A little spritz of water in the dry pan also helps heat them through!” They’ve made partnerships with other local brands such as UCOOK, Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, and Wellness Warehouse to ensure that their much-loved condiments and corn tortillas can reach customers who are eager to recreate the El Burro restaurant experience in their own kitchens. 

“The main point is, we make products for you to use at home so you can make incredible dishes with quality ingredients,” Sascha says. “Quality is important to us. We turn simple ingredients into delicious condiments and sauces for you. We live for this. We want you to experience these ingredients.” All of El Burro Mercado’s products are preservative-free, sustainably made, and authentic in their representation of Mexican cuisine.