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There’s chicken and mushrooms on the grill for Portuguese night!

There’s chicken and mushrooms on the grill – it’s Portuguese night! 

We’ve got two things on the grill for Portuguese night this week. Chicken and a trusty alternative to meats – charred mushrooms. Find chicken breasts in this week’s White Meat Box (all sizes) and Mixed Meat Box (in all but the Small Box) sourced from Son of a Butcher as well as giant mushrooms in all boxes (see our meat-free prego recipe using these beauts below). 

We’re oh so ready to dig in and are joined at the table by Salvin Hirschfield of Son of a Butcher to dish up info on the ethics behind his delicious #goodproduce. 

Son of a Butcher is a Cape-based purveyor of grass-fed, free-range, pasture-raised meat products and creator and producer of artisanal sausages. Salvin explains that ethical produce isn’t only about what buyers are consuming but also about farming practices and its impact on our environment.  

 “We procure all our meat from farms practising sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming. Sustainable farming promotes farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities in the long term” he adds. 

Ensuring the produce in your Market Box is sourced sustainably and ethically is important to us too and we’re proud to have Son of a Butcher join our family of local farmers and food businesses with quality, ethically-sourced meats.  

Salvin was born on a farm and has been in the business of meats since 2007. His favourite eats: “nothing beats a free range Karoo lamb rib on the braai!  A close second is a dry aged grass fed porterhouse steak (Florentine) on the braai.”

We hope you enjoy the chicken breasts in this week’s White Meat Box (all sizes) and Mixed Meat Box (in all but the Small Box)! 

 For our plant-based consumers, there’s something delicious for you too! Here’s a Charred Mushroom Prego Roll recipe inspired by Fabrica do Prego’s Portuguese sauce and Funky Fungi mushroom. Let’s get cooking!


Charred Mushroom Prego Roll 


  • Peel and grate 1 clove of garlic, then place your grated garlic in a bowl with some olive oil, and set it aside to infuse.  
  • Follow by basting your mushrooms with the garlic infused olive oil.  
  • Then grill/braai the mushroom, gill side down, for 5 minutes. Place a quarter of a red or yellow pepper on the grill at the same time.  After 5 mins, flip the mushrooms, rub with more garlic infused olive oil and cook for a further 5 minutes. 
  • Remove mushrooms and grilled red pepper, once softened and charred. Season them well.  
  • Butter up the Portuguese roll, and toast it with the cut side down – in a pan over medium heat until lightly golden and heated through.  
  • Time to build up your prego roll! Start with a smear of  Fabrica do Prego’s BBQ sauce, then top with some rinsed and dried rocket leaves. Follow by placing mushrooms and pepper on top, and finish off with extra Fabrica do Prego’s BBQ sauce. 
  • Serve with some potato chips on the side and a cold crispy Jack Black pale ale beer… you have yourself a winner!


Cooking the mushrooms on the fire allows them to become “smoky” and meaty, giving great flavour to your prego roll!