Oranjezicht City Farm Market - Championing the cause of community farming

What began in 2012 as a small group of volunteers from the community, who created a small non-profit garden in Oranjezicht, has become one of the most celebrated markets in South Africa. Oranjezicht City Farmers Market usually hosts as many as ten thousand visitors every weekend, but these are extraordinary times, and with the market inaccessible for many, owners Sheryl Ozinsky and Caz Friedmann decided to partner with UCOOK to deliver farmer’s market boxes every week. In doing so, they are continually supporting small-scale farmers – who need a lifeline now more than ever and whose deliciously nourishing produce might have otherwise gone to waste.

Since its inception, OZCF has proudly championed the cause of community farming as a response to an over-industrialised food system that has increasingly alienated consumers from the environment and people which provide the food they eat. On the topic, Sheryl says: “The way our food is currently being farmed and supplied is damaging to us and to our planet. We are confronting our broken food system at the source.” Their transparent supply chain allows them to showcase the story of their food: where it was grown, who grew it, and how it reached your kitchen. By working directly with approximately 30 small-scale growers, some of whom are PGS certified, as well as developing our own farming projects, they’re building a community that’s actively working together towards a common goal. Sheryl continues, “At the core of our farmer’s practice is regenerative agriculture: the rebuilding of soil fertility, protection of biodiversity and restoration of ecosystem health through the preservation of heritage varieties, seed selection and minimum intervention in the soil.”

Through the delivery of these farmer’s market boxes, they’re able to keep the spirit of the market alive and also support its future. Sheryl says the response has been great: “from the comments that we’re getting from customers, it seems that the delivery of these boxes each Thursday has been a highlight of the lockdown week.” Each week your UCOOK Market Box features vegetables from OZCF and their network of suppliers, a collaborative effort that brings the renowned market to your kitchen.




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