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Gideon Milling – Got Off the Ground With A Pilot’s Milling Dream

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting Gideon Milling’s website is their section of motivational quotes or sayings – one of these reads “There is no planet B”.

In 2009, co-founder of Gideon Milling, Aubrey Terblanche, bought a second-hand stone flour mill. He didn’t know where the mill would take him but he was motivated by two things:

The realisation that the country consumed more wheat than it actually produced – given this dynamic, South Africa was having to import more wheat grains than what it was able to produce to meet the country’s demand.  

This large quantity of wheat imports essentially meant that we were unable to monitor product integrity – i.e where the grains came from and what cultivation processes were followed – and this was a huge concern for Aubrey. He also discovered how difficult it was to trace what enhancers were added to wheat grains imported from fields in foreign lands.

The large quantity of wheat imports also meant that bread prices spiked as a result. Aubrey witnessed his friends in the wheat farming business struggle to make ends meet, and in 2009 he decided to take a stand for his friends and for food security in SA as a whole. 

A commercial pilot by trade, Aubrey got behind a stone flour mill and Gideon’s Mill took flight in 2013. 

Gideon’s Mill is a supplier of nutritionally dense and flavoursome stone ground flour. The mill only sources wheat grains cultivated in South Africa, and ensures none of the grains purchased are genetically modified – “Our grains can be traced from your fork right to the farm”, Aubrey ensures.

Gideon’s Mill crops are grown in an environmentally conscious way, using no-till sowing and crop rotation methods, with various crop varieties being grown in a seasonal cycle. This method of crop rotation enriches the soil, naturally infusing it with nitrates, phosphates and other minerals needed to encourage earthworms and biological processes to flourish. 

Aubrey mentions that store-bought bread contains over 32 ingredients, so we really have no idea of just how many by-products we’re consuming. Because of this, he encourages at-home baking, which can of course be made with less than 10 – and with lockdown giving us all a little extra time, why not bake your own bread or cake using the deliciously nourishing flour in your Market Box this week?

Gideon also recommends watching the Netflix series “Cooked” while you wait for your creation to rise.