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Leo's Little Jars - Good fruits, little sugar, crazy recipes and a lot of love!

The quaint and very yummy Onion and Rosemary Jam in your box this week came from Léo’s Little Jars. Léo, the main woman and fire behind this small company, started her business in order to share her love for special French traditional recipes. Growing up in an epicurean French family, Léo has been passionate about food and cooking since an early age. It was her way of connecting with heritage and her family. Léo says that it was her Grandmothers and Mothers who taught her the “values of great cuisine, dedication, patience and audacity”. She decided she wanted to blend the techniques she learnt from them with a flare of South African produce. 

Melding exquisite and unusual flavours together using only “good fruits, little sugar, crazy recipes and a lot of love”, Léo adds a Joie De Vivre that is unique to her jams. Her aim is “to bring a bit more joy in this world by creating beautiful and healthy recipes”, and she believes that this is only achieved “with all of our hearts”. 

Her jams are made “the traditional way, small batches of no more than 40 jars, cooked slowly to keep all the beautiful colours of the fruits”. It’s important that all her fruits are sourced as locally as possible and that at the centre of her Jam is her team that helps her make it. 

Léo has a strong but small team behind her working tirelessly to bring you that sweet sweet jam. Vuyokazi Peter, is her “right arm” in the kitchen. Léo oozes joy when speaking about Vuyokazi, “All the jam that goes through her expert hands is made with utmost care and love. She’s a great human being and there is not a day that we don’t have fun, exchange tips and knowledge about our histories. Léo’s Little Jars would not be the same without her.” Zandile Tamane comes in during the busiest periods and Louis Grillault is “my internet”, as Léo puts it. He sadly had to fly back to France at the beginning of this COVID crisis. He was the “bright mind, the strong arms of Léo’s Little Jars market life”. 

COVID has been an adjustment to Léo’s Little Jar’s, however they have taken this time as an opportunity to calm down from the usual 7 days a week work and “focus on the important things”. Léo says she has been helping the community and feeling grateful to have a roof over her head.” She managed to keep her employees going during this difficult time and they are back at work this last week with Vuyokazi and Zandile, continuing to bring love to the jams. 

Léo has also put together some wonderful burger recipes to make tonight, go find your favourite. Armed with your good tunes and, as Léo said, the wonderful surprise bottle of Ashbourne wine we snuck into your box of #goodproduce. 


                                Onion and Rosemary Jam