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Ciao Ciao Pasta - Handmade real Italian Pasta

Ciao Ciao has provided us with some wonderfully handmade fusilli pasta for your box this week. Ciao Ciao is a family run business that specialises in the production of freshly made Durum wheat pastas and traditional Italian mozzarella. Based in Hout Bay, Ciao Ciao is run by born and bred Italian Antonio and his wife Mary. 

Their pasta and other products are made with the finest of ingredients and manufactured to the highest of standards. Their fresh pasta is made with 100% Durum wheat flour that comes all the way from the “Tavoliere delle Puglie”, an area of the Apulia Region in Italy – this is the true flour from which authentic Italian pasta is made. This true italian flour is then mixed with fresh eggs and water and cut using a cooled bronze die, a traditional way of making pasta. This process provides the pasta with a slightly rough texture that can absorb the sauce and retains all the flavours. The fresh pasta made in this way keeps the shape and is incredibly tasty.

Not only does Ciao Ciao make the most authentic pasta around, they are very focussed on their family and the people that work for them. Concerned during lockdown for his workers safely, Antonio put them all on paid leave. His family then all pitched in to work to keep the business afloat than risk the lives of their staff. Only now as restrictions ease up are they slowly coming back to work. 

We hope that you enjoy the authentic fusilli pasta in your box this week, don't forget to check out our ‘Recipe Inspiration’ blog for all the inspiration you need to create #goodproduce. 


                                Fusilli Pasta