Due to Heritage Day on the Thursday, all Market Boxes will be delivered on Wednesday 23rd September

High Veg - A female owned farm that cultivates a lush variety of herbs

This week, we’d like to introduce you to High Veg Farm and our Female Farmer of the week, Elizabeth Kleynhans – who’s responsible for the delicious and tasty herbs in your Market Box every week. Located in Robertson, High Veg is a small and highly specialised operation that cultivates a lush variety of herbs. This week, you’ll find parsley, thyme or rocket in your box. Fun fact: In the Victorian Language of flowers these herbs mean Gratitude, Courage and Innocence which we hope brings you some inspiration during these troubled times we live. 

Elizabeth, who started High Veg in 2007, had a vision to own her own business based on her passion for all things green. Determined and ready to grow, she set out to start a family business with her husband George and children Chane and Gavin – who are actively involved in making it a success every day. 

As a female-owned business in the rural farming community, Elizabeth is a rare gem. Her passion and determination has seen her support her family and other members of her community all year round – and by doing something she loves.

She started the business after working at and learning from Highland Farm, also based in Robertson. Once she had gained enough experience, she obtained a grant through the government that helps fund agricultural projects. 

Elizabeth is a gentle but fiery business woman who has grown her business with love, passion and the goal of being the best in the market. 


                                Parsley, Thyme and Rocket