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How Camelot Organic Farm has kept its customers and Jersey Cows happy for over a decade.

Camelot Organic Farm provides your Market Box with creamy cheeses (halloumi, mozzarella, and feta) and incredibly delicious yoghurts. Their cheeses are handmade using only pasture-fed cows’ milk and rennet – they’re then brined in water and hand-harvested West Coast sea salt – with no additional additives or artificial flavourants. 

Located in Riebeek-Kasteel, a town situated about 80km north-east of Cape Town, this family-run farm makes their dairy products by hand – they want to produce the very best dairy products, using only the rawest of ingredients to supply “foods we would eat ourselves and feed to our children and grandchildren” the family explains. 

This family farm has been in operation for over a decade and the secret to this success is not only attributed to their many happy customers, but also to ensuring their Jersey Cows lead happy lives too! The Camelot Organic Farm keeps their herd small (this naturally avoids overcrowding) and pasture-rears their cows – meaning a large portion of the cow’s food comes from organic grass grown in a pasture. In addition to this, their cows are not fed any hormones or routine antibiotics – just as nature intended.

On taking the Camelot Organic Farm to new heights, the family says that their journey has taught them that there are lessons to learn in both success and failure “we learnt by making mistakes. When we tested our products with family and friends and when they needed change, we made the changes. There is no critic as honest and to the point as a 3-4 year old!

These food heroes are also doing their bit to ensure their agricultural practices avoid food wastage. Biodegradable waste is used as natural fertiliser for the farm’s tunnel tomatoes and any “flop” cheese is devoured by their heritage breed chickens. The soap used on the farm is made from oranges and is completely biodegradable. 

With the local food and hospitality industry being one of the most negatively impacted by COVID, your Market Box has helped many food producers, like Camelot Organic Farm, stay in business. The farm’s customer base comprises many hotels and when the global pandemic hit, the family lost the vast majority of their clients due to hotels closing during lock-down.

Looking for a way to support the farm that has kept its customers and Jersey Cows happy for over a decade? Simply purchase your weekly Market Box of #goodproduce.