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Intention Chocolates - Decadent meets guilt free

Intention Chocolates creates products that exemplify what conscious consumption is about. Owner Nikita Stallbom explains that her business, “was started because how you eat and what you eat are a measure of the kindness you feel towards yourself.”

By using the highest quality of ingredients and being entirely honest with their consumers about how their chocolate is made and what is put into it, they’ve fostered a sense of trust with their consumers – something that’s not easily done in this day and age. “I also became fed up with  brands labeling themselves as health products to the consumer, but then sneaking in harmful ingredients and capitalizing on customers not reading labels, says Stallbom.  

Intention makes their chocolate without refined sugar or preservatives, opting for a vegan, super-food based method instead. What this translates to is a chocolate that tastes as good as it is good for you! Moreover, they’ve committed to using only recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable packaging making them all the more ecologically friendly. As a small operation, they’re only able to comfortably employ one person full-time and another part-time but with their growing popularity, they’re sure to expand soon. As a fully transparent operation, they’ve been able to publicly champion their intention: that we all eat food that’s healthy and that we actually enjoy