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Indigenius herbs and plant seasoning, anyone? Meet the Wild Harvest Range

Dubbed the ‘seasonings our ancestors would have used’, the Wild Harvest range of salts, seed mixes and vinegars make use of the nutritious and flavourful wild herbs, leafy greens, weeds and vegetable offcuts sustainably grown in the Cape Floristic regions – to make sachets and jars of seasonings that will add a distinct taste of home-grown to any meal. 

They currently supply your Market Box with Wild Sesame mix and salts, which is a combination of toasted sesame seeds, salt, and a mix of wild indigenous herbs – mostly wild rosemary and wild sage.

The Wild Harvest is one of two ranges forming part of a project by the Sustainability Institute in collaboration with local wild foods innovator and expert, Loubie Rusch. This power collab sees local indigenous plants and food garden waste being revived and cultivated to produce highly nutritious and flavourful seasonings and condiments. 

“It couldn’t get more local than what you find in the Wild Harvest range. We grow all the herbs in our own vegetable garden or on the farm across the road from us. The vegetable offcuts are also sourced from our own veggie garden. Our seed mixes are sourced from Yellow Submarine, and our salt from Oryx.” – The Institute explains. 

Speaking on the creation of their range, the Institute uses the following guiding principles to decide what goes in and what is kept out of their seasonings:

Is the ingredient indigenous and sustainably sourced;

Is it farmed in a way that allows landscapes to regenerate;

Is it creating livelihood opportunities for the local community;

Does it minimise food waste;

Is the packaging earth-friendly;

And how does it revive Indigenous Knowledge?

The institute adds that “because the plants we use are indigenous they are also less resource intensive than crops predominantly grown in conventional agriculture. We also support livelihood opportunities and our aim is to create a replicable business model that stimulates local economic development and an entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

We hope you enjoyed the light and nutty saltiness from the Wild Harvest Sesame Salt in your Market Box this week. We are passionate about making sustainably sourced #goodproduce available and easily accessible to you, and we are so pleased to have a product that is good for the people and the local environment as part of our Market Box family. 

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    Wild Sesame Salt