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Our Q & A session with plant buttah producer – Kudzi Mutsambi

At 6 months young, plant buttah has already become a Market Box favourite! With a kitchen based in Capricorn Park, Cape Town, Kudzi Mutsambi produces small batches of plant buttah (also known as vegan butter) using the following all-natural ingredients: coconut oil, oat milk, sunflower oil, raw apple cider vinegar, sunflower lecithin, and sea salt. This plant-based buttery spread is a great alternative to dairy butter and can be used as a spread, for frying and baking too. 

We sat down with solo-preneur, Kudzi, to learn all about the plant buttah in your MARKET BOX this week.

What inspired you to start a plant buttah business? 

“The business began as I realised there was an opportunity to create a vegan butter that had similar qualities in texture and flavour to real butter, I wanted to fill the gap in the market. Business really took off and gained traction during lockdown as consumers looking for dairy alternatives started reaching out to local businesses.”

What are the guiding principles behind the ingredients that you source? 

“The sea salt, apple cider vinegar and seed oil are all sourced locally. Because I cater for consumers that have chosen a plant-based lifestyle, all my ingredients are plant-based. 

Plant Buttah is unique because it has the same texture and flavour that is almost identical to butter, with the oat milk giving a delicious creamy texture, the apple cider a classic buttery tang and the sea salt the perfect finish. With the packaging I use biodegradable packaging, as I’m constantly striving towards sustainable practices.”

As a solopreneur, what keeps you passionate about the work you do?

“I love creating products that can be enjoyed by all. Butter is an important part of our diets and creating a sustainable plant-based alternative that can be eaten and enjoyed by many is what motivates me.” 

Where can our Market Box family reach you should they wish to learn more about your plant buttah? 

“I mainly stock a select number of Cape Town’s delis and provide the plant buttah to your Market Box too! I am on Instagram and can be followed on @plantbuttah.”

We loved meeting Kudzi this week and are excited to have her plant buttah as part of your Market Box Spring Harvest Table! If you’re looking for tasteful creations to use your #goodproduce for visit our Recipe Inspiration Page on