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Roux Pecans - 100% organic pecans at grown at nature's pace

Positioned on the banks of Orange River, under warm Northern Cape skies you’ll find the Roux Pecan Farm. It’s here that some of the most delicious certified organic 100% Raw pecan nuts in South Africa are grown. Roux Pecans is a family-run farm that holds both the land and people close to their hearts. This tight-knit farm family, whose story goes back almost a century, have dedicated their farming practices to be holistic and balanced in that they believe that nature must take its course in the best way and they are there to preserve their land and people. 

Roux Pecans has been extensively vetted and rewarded for their excellent and transparent standards. They are certified Organic to EU, Swiss and USDA standards which Bob Roux, the son of Chris Roux who first planted the trees, states “are incredibly strict and are therefore guaranteed that what we ‘Say’ is what we do”. Their trees and nuts grow at a slower pace using only the earth, water and time to ripen their fruit. This ethos and approach is central to who they are and it is an intrinsic value in everything they do. All their pecans originate from single source orchards meaning that Provenance and the integrity of the pecan is always held. The farm has full transparency of where their pecans came from and that they all originated on the banks of the orange river from the same orchard of trees.

Not only does Mother Nature care for their crops, but their pecans also do not get exposed to any artificial heat before being packed and so they are 100% RAW which means that they do not go rancid as fast as other pecans. This adds to the beautifully smooth creamy flavour that pecans are so loved for. “Our pecans”, Bob says, “are as fresh as if you were walking through the orchard and cracking open and eating a nut right there as it would be in nature”. An added benefit of the pecans being 100% raw is that their pecans can be activated. Activating nuts increases the nutrient value along with helping their digestibility. To activate your pecans you can soak them overnight in some water and salt and then allow them to dry out in the oven at a slow and low temperature. 

Come harvest season Roux Pecans harvest their nuts using a combination of handpicking and mechanisation. They started off only being handpicked but with growth came challenges of balancing the social ecosystem that relies on the work and the quality and freshness of their produce. “That said”, Bob mentions, “our little factory employs only women and these women are the same year in and year out... We like this because our grading of the nuts is quite nuanced and this cannot be achieved by machines and we like the fact that there is a strong human story that runs parallel through keeping these women gainfully employed.” There isn’t much work in the farmlands of the Northern Cape with unemployment rife in South Africa. Roux Pecans is very aware of their responsibility, especially towards women in their communities, to provide work whenever and wherever possible. Much of the work available in farming communities is geared towards men in manual agriculture whereas Roux Pecans can provide a secure working environment for women. Bob mentioned that employing women is even more crucial and relevant in their community as “the women tend to be the social glue of the families and when they are able to earn, the benefits and proceeds actually do filter down into the family whereas the men all too typically abuse this position of being the breadwinner”.

We hope you enjoy and savour your pecans in this week's box. They're small pieces which are ideal for Muesli, salads, pecan salt, Pecan Milk, Baking, rusks, Ice Cream and well just irresistible nibbling. 


                                RAW Pecans