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Schoon Bakery – Eating with a purpose

Schoon is an artisanal bakery, cafe, and patisserie owned by Fritz and Chanelle Schoon and for the past 10 years, they have created a deep sense of community with their customers. Fritz had an ambitious goal: “To restore an ancient staple. To put real bread back on the table. To be completely unpretentious in our execution, humble in our approach, uncompromising in our commitment to serve and completely transparent in our relationships.” He contributed to the community he was a part of as a baker, offering not only excellent bread and coffee but also a meeting place for the Stellenbosch community. 

However, it’s definitely a team effort. “Chanelle creates all the dishes for the menus, which change seasonally, and she develops all the pastries we produce here,” Fritz tells us. “She works closely with our designer on the interior store designs and also creates our café playlists.” Many members of the Schoon team have been there from the start. Fritz lists names: “Priscilla, Reggie, Dianah, Ian, and Zollie as well as Norma, Velly, Mercilyn, Tumi, and Goza. These guys have been with me for many years.” He goes on to explain the bond he shares with his team. “They have faced rough and uncertain times with me. They have been loyal and sometimes beyond committed. All of them joined me with absolutely zero relevant experience. Today they are Head Bakers, Pastry chefs, Baristas, Chefs and Store Managers.”

Schoon provides UCook with sliced Sourdough and Country bread as well as hamburger buns, mini baguettes, and mini ciabatta. All of their bread is made using only 100% South African grains traceable back to specific farms and local Oryx salt and Oakland butter. “We consider in detail every aspect of what it takes to put real bread on the table,” Fritz says. “From farming, to milling, to baking. The final product is beautifully presented, healthy and delicious.”

Schoon maintains a healthy connection with its farmers, working only with farmers who invest in their land to serve multiple generations. The grain is milled and made into loaves with minimal intervention and many complex techniques. Using old German paddle mixers to mimic hand mixing and baking loaves directly on the stone of our imported Italian ovens at very high temperatures, all of which results in delightful, flavoursome and beautiful bread.


       Sourdough, country bread, hamburger 

    buns, mini baguettes, and mini ciabatta.