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Seed & Circus - Changing the way we eat

Seed & Circus is a fresh face in the food industry, serving up ethically sourced products from small-scale local suppliers. By offering delectable, accessible food that’s produced seasonally, organically, and in small batches, they’ve supported small businesses and local producers who are too often overshadowed by their larger, industrialised counterparts. 

Chef Dave MacDonald is the creative force behind this impressive culinary endeavour and serves as the executive chef. He previously worked at George Jardine’s Restaurant Seven and was sous chef at Overture when it was recognised as the sixth-best restaurant in the country. Alongside Karla Hart, who runs the operational aspects of the business, Dave has created a plant-focused menu that’s vibrant and full to the brim with flavour, while maintaining a high standard of environmental consciousness and community involvement. ““I wanted to create an establishment that celebrates alive and nutritionally-rich food – food that has a story and a positive impact on both the environment and our local community but, most importantly, is accessible to everybody,” Karla says. ““Food is a very accessible mechanism through which people can start thinking about their consumer behaviour. This doesn’t have to compromise how much you enjoy your food – quite the opposite actually!”

The granola that Seed & Circus provides to UCOOK for inclusion in our Market Box is made with no shortcuts and no unwanted additives. Instead, Seed & Circus opts to make all their food through slow and careful processes, aiming to bring only the best to their customers. The venture into food production is even newer than the restaurant, and has been accelerated by the necessity of innovation in the time of Covid-19. Karla explains that, “We have a pretty small team and have only moved into the production of our own food products, like your granola, to try and keep our new community alive. We make them with a lot of love. Our community is also built by engaging with awesome suppliers that are doing great ground-level work, and with our loyal customers who support us because they believe in what we’re doing.” 

Seed & Circus has recently partnered with Lapo’s Kitchen to open the Alimentari (meaning “corner store” in Italian) which provides organic vegetables, deli goods, and chef-curated pantry items. Working with like-minded people also extends to leading by example, Karla says: “We’ve insisted to our suppliers that no single-use plastic is used, and have launched a container-exchange system instead. A significant impact can be made by simply doing as much as you can, whenever you can, trying to inspire others to do the same.”

On their mission to improve the way we eat, they’ve formed a small, loyal community around them, consisting of collaborators equally as passionate about sourcing and consuming food in a manner that is beneficial to the body, the planet, and the industry. “Our most local supplier is a community garden up the road that, in turn, composts our food waste for us,” says Karla. 

This sense of community, along with its participants, has allowed Seed & Circus to engage with new suppliers as well as find new customers who are also interested in a more carefully thought-through diet. Once you taste what they have to offer, you’ll be one of them, too.