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Sepial's Kitchen - Authentic Asian dishes created with local produce

For the past two years, Sepial’s Kitchen has provided its patrons with authentic Asian dishes made with local produce. They’re continually developing new and unique products for customers to try, and Sepial is always keen to hear opinions: “Good ones or bad ones,” she says. “For me, making products is a way of communication!” Producing their food in small batches, with some elements like kimchi taking time to ferment, allows them to experiment with new recipes while also educating diners on diverse cuisines. Sepial’s Kitchen uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging where possible and is committed to the whole-food concept.

At the core of this restaurant, like many others, is its team. Amanda deals with the day-to-day kitchen work and Mooru handles the front of house, while also being able to make mean granitas and sorbets! A founding member of the team was the late Master Yoda, as he was fondly known – their first maître d’hôtel, a small Pekingese who welcomed guests and is still missed by regulars.

Given how small this team is, Sepial’s Kitchen had to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and now provides ready-to-eats, frozen meals, and condiments to most areas in Cape Town via delivery. “None of us can afford to get sick,” says Sepial. “To ensure we’re able to support our staff financially and provide a safe working environment, orders are processed remotely at home, and staff using public transport have received paid leave.”

In their partnership with UCook, Sepial’s kitchen is providing kimchi, daikon pickles, chilli oil, and their special Korean Fried Chicken sauce.


Kimchi, daikon pickles, chilli oil, and their special Korean Fried Chicken sauce.