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All about pasta types and getting Al Fresco ready – The Italian way – with The Pasta Factory

Rigatoni, linguine, tagliatelle – trying to remember which pasta is which when all you’re wanting to do is order dinner can be daunting. UCOOK is all about making dining easier so our Market Box team not only picks the pasta for you while also offering easy to follow recipe suggestions per choice but we’ve also put together a ‘Know Your Pasta’ guide below– with inspo from this week’s pasta suppliers – to help you tell your fettuccine from your linguine like a true Italiano. Let’s dig in, Chef!

Long Pasta Shapes

  • Spaghetti is definitely the most popular pasta shape and is a long, thin piece of pasta that can go with either lighter sauces or heavier sauces too – think spaghetti bolognese. 
  • Linguine looks like squished spaghetti. Also long, it differs from spaghetti because of its flat shape and literally means ‘little tongues’. It pairs perfectly with oil based sauces. 
  • Tagliatelle is characterised by its ribbon shape which unravels in the water. Chunky sauces are the way to go with this pasta pick.

Short Pasta Shapes

  • Fusilli is a spiral shaped pasta and because of its twists it is able to hold onto weighter creamy sauces. Find handmade fusilli pasta from the Pasta Factory in this week’s boxes!  
  • Penne – just as popular as spaghetti, penne is a short cylinder pasta and gets its name, which means pen, from its angled edges. Usually cooked al dente, it pairs well with chunky meat and veg dishes.  
  •  Rigatoni – these short wide tube shaped pastas are characterised by their ridges on the outside and large hole. Just like the penne, these pastas love to be accompanied by chunks of meat or veg.

A pasta recommendation from the pros

With 100s of pasta shapes to pick from, managing director of The Pasta Factory, Katharina, weighed in on her favourites: 

What is your favourite pasta to cook with and why? 

  •  I simply love fine Tagliatelle pasta. It is elegant, versatile and so much fun. 

Creamy Alfredo or Tomato-ey Napolitana?  

  • Definitely Tomato-ey Napoletana 

Favourite pasta dish? 

  • Bucatini allÁmatriciana – guanciale, pecorino, and tomato. 

We hope you enjoy the pasta guide above and have fun whipping up your Italian creation using the restaurant grade fresh pasta from The Pasta Factory in this week’s Market Box. In need of some dish inspo? Click here for indulgent pasta recipes that you can make with this week's #goodproduce


Fusilli all'Amatriciana (S/M/L)

A scrumptious, quick and easy tomato pasta adapted from The Pasta Factory’s original recipe! For the mixed Meat Box only. 

  • Fry 250g of chopped Farmer Angus bacon until well browned and crispy. 
  • Add 800g of crushed, whole peeled tomatoes and a teaspoon of chilli flakes to the bacon, season lightly and bring to simmer. 
  • Boil The Pasta Factory’s fusilli pasta in a pot of salted water until al dente – for about 2 minutes. 
  • Remove the pasta from the water once cooked and add your cooked pasta straight to the sauce. 
  • Add 2 ladles of pasta water along with some grated parmesan-style cheese from Gay’s Guernsey. 
  • Season to taste and serve immediately. Top everything with a dash of olive oil. Buon appetito!

Chef’s Tip:

Using the same pasta water makes the sauce richer and creamier because of the starch in it!