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Small Market Box (delivery 29th Oct)

Small Market Box (delivery 29th Oct)

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Pizza Night Essentials ūüćē

  • Mixed Meat Box¬†
    • Beef mince¬†
    • A whole chicken from Son of a Butcher
  • White Meat Only
    • Chicken Breasts from Son of a Butcher¬†
    • Kingklip from Greenfish
  • Red Meat Only¬†
    • Wagyu goulash¬†
    • Beef mince¬†
  • Vegetarian¬†
    • Lentils from the Real Food Company
    • Urban Vegan Meatballs¬†
    • Karen Dudley‚Äôs Red Pesto¬†
  • Extra Goodies¬†
    • Pizza Sauce and pizza bases (pack of 2) from The Woodlands Eatery
    • 70% Lindt Dark Chocolate

Fresh Local Produce ūü•ē

  • Sweet potatoes, carrots, onion, tomato, zucchini, portobellini mushrooms, garlic, rocket, mixed herb bundle, papaya, banana, oranges, avocado
  • Sourced from Avolands, Simply Fresh, Naturally Organic, Meuse, Funki Fungi, Patrysvlei, Neighbourhoods Farm

Pantry Staples ūü•Į

  • Turkish Loaf from Knead

Dairy Delights ūüßÄ

  • Kleinrivier Colby Cheese
  • Langevallei Milk
  • Georgiev Eggs
  • Mooivallei Butter

    These should complement your pantry to cater for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about 4 days, and is suited for a household of 1 to 2 people